Budget Auto Repair has been in business since 1991, We are Family Owned and we are the 2nd Generation to run our business. Being in business this length of time; As a Family, is an honor and something that we don't take too lightly. Have you ever had to choose between shopping for the family and repairing your car? in making that decision call, it will not be difficult any longer! Why? Here at Budget Auto, we are confident in the service we provide; We offer competitive prices and quality service for everything under your hood! You can trust us when it comes to making decisions involving the Family!

We pride ourselves on our experienced staffed technicians! Why? our experienced staffed technicians are ASE Certified! our experienced staffed technicians are also Certified by the National Institiute for Automotive Service Excellence, which is a professional certifcation testing organization for mechanics. ASE Certified mechanics must undergo training and testing every 5 years in order to retain their certification. You can trust us when it comes to servicing you, unnecessary parts will never be sold to you. You are more than welcome to check up on your vehicle as many times as you like!

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